Thursday, October 6, 2011

Salt Water Taffy

I decided I needed to learn how to make salt water taffy. So I quickly found a recipe online, printed it out, and went about making it. I had to cook it to 265 degrees exactly. Now, it's sorta hard to see exact degrees on our candy thermometer, as its only marked every five degrees, so I found the approximate spot, and cooked it to that. It was hard candy when it cooled, not taffy. I dropped it, and it shattered! SHATTERED! Taffy doesn't shatter!  Now, orange flavored hard candy would still be cool though, so I stuck a shard into my mouth. It. Was. Salt. Salt. Salt. Salt. Gross.
I had wanted salt water taffy... not bricks of orange salt.

So, this afternoon, with a few modifications.

Beautiful, no?

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