Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The other ME

This is the other Me, not her (she'll have her own account to publish from soon, so don't worry about being too confused for long).*
I am Rachel!

I will not attempt to draw myself as Vicky did, but will eventually maybe get around to drawing a self-portrait, which will be a hundred times more artistic than Vicky's.  For now though you should know that I too have a large nose, ears, and a perfect smile that would warm the lifeless hearts of Harry Potter, Snape, Voldemort, Darth Vader, Neelix, Chakotay, and Captain Janeway altogether with just one small quiver of my cheek.

1. I like to swim, read, write, draw, bathe, and breathe. Just like Vicky. Plus eating, I really love eating.

2. I have no job to speak of at all at this time. Nor do I currently volunteer for any wonderful humanitarian place.

3. I am also a quiet one who is a little bit off my rocker. Except when I'm the loud one who's completely off my rocker. Not only do I talk to things, but things talk back. 0.o

4. I have neither ADHD, ADD, or OCD, but most of my family does (especially Vicky). Thus I am provided with constant amusement.

5. The only thing in this entire world better than SUMMER, is fall, autumn, the crazy, cold, rainy, windy, overcast, wet, brown, and orange season. I have recently rediscovered my love of autumn, after thinking for several months that summer was amazing. I now remember my true feelings (grabs a mug of hot apple cider and watches with amusement as a certain OCD sister can't find gloves, shoes, and complains of the muddy pawprints on her jacket).

6. I hate vacuum cleaners. 

6. Vacuum cleaners hate me.

7. I like finding lists that people leave lying around and scribbling out items on them.

8. my favorite number is 38 (the number 8, and anything related to it are usually the color green)

9. green>red

Live Long and Prosper, my dear friends. 
-Rachel out

*Vicky now has her own account to publish from. She's Beatrice.

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